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I Specialize in Brand Development, Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation


Krystal Dixon (ksvrd) is a brand strategist and creative director with years of experience in the e-commerce, real estate, and coaching industries. I've helped countless brands clarify their vision and set a direction for their visual and communication marketing strategies. I facilitate brand development workshops for many of businesses. In addition, I am highly skilled in creating brand guidelines and design assets, as well as launching social media campaigns that generate tangible results. My work has resulted in increased followers from 100+ to 7000+ for one account.


I believe in timely, data-driven solutions that bring results to every brand I work with.

I'm a fellow visionary and love working on projects that push BIG IDEAS that aim to transform our culture.

I have a variety of skills, ranging from branding strategy and copywriting, to design, filmmaking, & photography.





Brand Strategy / Identity & Branding / Digital & Web / Creative Direction / Campaign Development


- Hynxpenziv

- OffBrand

- Godly Adulting


- ASB Home Solutions

- Krysmo Jerk Sauce

- Gualter Amarelo

- Alchemist Nation

- Darina Pogodina

- Take Action Group

- Alchemist Financial

- Slightly Annoyed

- Elite Forces Properties

- Self Care Club for Christian Women

- Zenshells

- Make Money & Have Fun

- Garage Fitness

- Garry Mabour

- Barakissa Coulibaly

- Kim Rodrigues

- Blessed Nation Auto Rentals

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